Psychology at your Fingertips

We want you to be able to do what you do best, hassle free - Therapy.

Hello, my name is Silja Litvin, and I am a psychologist and founder of PsycApps. Since I began working with clients, I have discovered several major recurring issues: payment, scheduling, and finding new clients. Chasing payments and dealing with last minute cancellations were a threat to the therapeutic alliance. Scheduling was often a nightmare, 5-6 emails going back and forth before an appointment could be made – and I sometimes lost a client along the way. And while word of mouth was a lovely way to find new clients, it wasn’t always enough to fill my schedule as a new therapist.

If this was happening to me, it was happening to my colleagues. After a few dozen qualitative interviews, I knew what had to be done: develop a simple, intuitive app that makes finding a therapist smooth and easy while taking care of all the aspects that make being a private therapist less enjoyable.

We at PsycApps are currently designing the app and would love to help you lead your practice in the best possible way!

All the best,


Silja Litvin

CEO and Founder of PsycApps