Psychology at your Fingertips

Life can be tough. At times everybody needs help, a psychological boost, or simply someone who will listen without prejudice.

Hello, my name is Silja Litvin, and I am a psychologist and Founder of PsycApps. While I love the science and research behind psychology, the client – you – has always come first to me. My company and I want to make it fast and easy for you to find a therapist you feel comfortable and safe with. Why call to make an appointment only to speak to a machine, or write emails and wait days for a reply? With PsycApps you can browse through dozens of therapist's profiles near you. Take a look at their specialities, watch an introduction video, and choose an appointment whenever you want.

You don’t wait for your ride, you don’t wait for your delivery, so why wait for what could be the most important decision in your life?

PsycApps would love to help you on your first step to a more fulfilled and happy life.

Lots of Love,

Silja Litvin

CEO and Founder of PsycApps